27 OF April 2015 A Beacon for Downtown Detroit

The Compuware Building is more than a landmark building in the heart of the city's thriving technology and central business district; it also served as the symbol that would launch a new Detroit. Located downtown at One Campus Martius in Michigan’s largest city, the building was completed in 2003 in an effort to consolidate Compuware’s operations from nine regional facilities into a single complex.

Compuware’s 1.1 million-square-foot, award-winning 17-story headquarters complex and attached parking structure offers corporate offices, street-level retail and restaurant space, food court, wellness center, daycare, 42,000-square-foot data center, and other supporting spaces. Highlights include a 38,000-square-foot fitness center, 18-classroom day care center with an 8,000-square-foot play deck, employee lounges and work areas, conference and training rooms and an auditorium. Connected to this building is a 12-story 2,200-space parking garage. The building even has an observation deck on the 14th floor.

Theexterior features stone, finished metals and high-performance glass systems, which accentuate the sophistication of the building while ensuring durability. The focal point of the building, its 14-story glass atrium used for special events and day-today-reception, provides unparalleled grandeur, opening to the historic Campus Martius Park and housing one of the world’s tallest indoor water fountains.